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Not writing-related, but sometimes I like posting things I find important.

This animal sanctuary based in Louisiana does not have a proper septic system in place, which will lead to them being shut down and their animals seized if it is not corrected. They don't currently have the funds to build this septic system, hence the fundraiser. If you wish to help, follow the link:

Raven Woods Animal Sanctuary

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So, I made a Formspring. It seemed like the thing to do.

...I really like answering questions :B

My Formspring!
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Due to the extreme flooding in Queensland, AU, an auction has been set up to raise money for their aid. I've signed up to auction off my skills as a writer (although they aren't much), as well.

Follow the link here for the auction:

QLD Flood Auction
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So, in honour of Hallowe'en, I wrote some creepy stories. Enjoy!

Creepypasta! )
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So, I'm guessing the majority of you managed to find this through my FP, yes? :3 Haha. Yay.

Although maybe a couple of you stumbled over from my other LJ, i_sing_to_life.

Well...I'm not really sure what I'll be posting here yet. Probably a few stories not on my FP account (where I'm Catseye*Rose, by the way, for anyone who doesn't know!), and I think I'll post one or so on here that are already on my FP...I'm also thinking writing some dark, dirty smut! Maybe playing with fetishes. Hm.

If you have a request, please ask! :D


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